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The above is the title of our State song.  On days like today, I question it.   We are awaiting  what is probably our 3rd blizzard of the season and that over the legal limit even for Ohio..

My philosophy is that snow is a 4-letter word.  It’s pretty to look at and is great fun if you’re a kid or a winter sports fanatic but even then there’s a limit. Back in the 50s, my neighbor was a peninsula bounded by the Maumee Bay, the Ottawa River and Lake Erie.  Ice skating and hockey were popular with us kids. I liked hockey best.  It was a great way even scores and we were armed!  LOL  A lot of scores were settled on the pond in down the hill from our house. 

There is an unwritten law here that when a severe winter storm warning is announced that we report to our local grocery to kvetch about the weather with our friends and neighbors.  I skipped this time-honored ritual because I did a big shop Sunday at the Evil Empire. Hopefully, I bought enough. Hope y’all stay warm and safe!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!