I think we got about six inches of the white stuff yesterday,  My neighbor’s son, Joey, dug out the first batch yesterday and we a got couple more inches last night and that’s my project when I get myself together as well as digging out Miss Ruby — my little red car. Then again, maybe not.  I  haven’t decided if there’s anywhere I really want to go.  Maybe I’ll just hibernate and make some calls. The good news is that the sun is shining and I’ve always felt that any the sun shines is a good day. The grey days we tend to have here depress me. Seasonal depressive disorder is rampant in Ohio and days like this are a treat!

Dr, Maris, the excellent lady who is my primary care doctor, called with my latest test results and guess what?  I get to go get another test!  The late, great Bette Davis said it best: “Getting old ain’t for sissies.”  I’m not complaining.  I just get weary of the growing list of ailments, doctors and prescriptions getting longer. I can’t wait to see what the pain management doc has in store for me. Sigh.

I’d like to know who sold my name recently.  This week my mailbox is overloaded with a ton of catalogs and promotions of all sorts — most of which I wouldn’t touch for love or money. Don’t y’all just hate that? 

Not much is going on here. I’ve really get back to planning my blogs! 

Happy Blogging!!!