The title says it all — I’ve been a very busy old girl.  One of my oldest and best friends passed last week.  So I’ve been buried — and not all of it snow.  I was twenty  when I met Jeff at the bar where we hung out when we were home from college or on leave from that nasty war.  It was summer in the 60s and I was taking a couple classes and working and he was on leave from the Marines.  He enlisted when he graduated from college because he had a low draft lottery number.   We became immediate friends.  Little did we know that what started as a flirtation would become a lifetime friendship and I’m trying mightily not too have a nervous breakdown.  I’ve lost too many people this year.

Jeff, who never married, passed away last week  — a heart attack — in Florida so I’ve been doing all I can to help his dad with the arrangements.  Jeff was an only child so there isn’t a lot family so our friends Steve and Maureen and I are working hard  to help.  His dad, Alec, is coming in this afternoon and I’ll be taking him home and staying whether he wants me to or not.  His health at ninety, is precarious and we worry. 

We have everything pretty much organized.  I spent yesterday getting both houses ready and re-stocking the larder at both houses.  Steve and Maureen have been calling everyone and doing the bureaucratic stuff.  I’m glad because I hate it.  

That said, I hope y’all are well and I’ll be around to visit as best I can!!!! 

Happy Blogging!!!!