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The past few days I’ve been MIA and decided to at least let you, my blogging buddies, know that I am still here.  I’ve been staying with Alec and Shaughnessy (Jeff’s brilliant lab) to help them through this painful time for all of us.  We had a glorious wake — lots of great food and adult libations and hilarious Jeff stories — in what Alec said was true Irish tradition!!! Even our priest had a story about Jeff and I — that I had almost forgotten.  Let’s just say it involved Midnight Mass, Jeff’s Jewish college roommate (who came in for the funeral), and adult beverages. Today I have to get caught up on things like groceries and home stuff but I’ll be at Alec’s as long as he needs me.  Tomorrow we’ll be meeting with Jeff’s attorney.  And, hopefully I can finally get back to some of the things I need to do. 

I hope all of you are having a great day and that I can get caught up with y’all soon!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!