We have been very busy getting Jeff’s estate settled which turned out to be a pretty great surprise.  Leave it to Jeff to get a couple snarky zingers in his will while doing something awesome.  Steve, Maureen, his college roommate, Bill, and I were named administrators of a foundation that he and his dad put together and all of us are excited about it.

Alec wants wants to go back to Florida and we’re working out how we’re going to get Shaughnessy down there.  So far, it looks like Bill is going to drive the dog and I’m going to fly with Alec.   I have some things I can’t miss so I can’t stay. I’m beginning a new round of physical therapy.  Sigh. 

I had a couple disappointments (gross understatement) but I’ll be fine. Bill says he’s going to hang around a while before he heads east so we can brainstorm Jeff’s legacy. 

Hopefully, I can get back to a normal (or what passes for it in my world) soon. 

Hope you all are well and happy!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!